TAVEX Exchange Office Koneser

We are an international financial company that provides precious metals, offers currency exchange services and payment transactions on the best terms. For those who are looking for good investment, we offer coins and bars made of gold or silver. However, for those who are traveling, we offer a wide selection of currencies, even the most exotic ones. We are currently located in nine European countries and serve an average of 1.3 million customers annually.
What makes us stand out? It is certainly a wide range of currencies. In addition to the standard euro or dollar, we also have unusual ones. If you are planning a flight to Thailand, Indonesia or Brazil, check us out before leaving! All the more so if you are going to visit these less touristic places, do not hesitate and check whether we have the currency you are interested in:
In addition to currency exchange services, we also provide precious metals because we believe that such investments are a great asset security. We are committed to providing a trustworthy and secure market that enables customers to easily sell and buy gold and silver.
Take advantage of the services we offer and find out about our professionalism: LINK TO TAVEX WEBSITE

Opening hours:

Monday – Saturday: 10:00-20:00


Tel.: +48 22 465 55 75 
E-mail: kontakt@tavex.pl

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