A place where you’ll find delicious, natural, healthy products and preserves directly from small, local producers, mainly from Mazovia and nearby Podlasie.

Did you know that only a very small percentage of food produced in Mazovia reaches Warsaw? Compared with the information that the Mazovian voivodeship has the highest number of farms in Poland, it’s absurd.

Until now, Karmnik was only present online at www.karmnik.org. In Koneser, we are opening our first offline store. By shopping with us:

  • you support Mazovian producers,
  • you act in the spirit of zero waste and contribute to reducing carbon footprint,
  • you feed yourself and your loved ones with tasty and healthy food of documented origin.

In today’s times, common sense, as well as EU strategies and programs, dictate that city residents should consume food from the local area. True locality is the first principle of Karmnik – you won’t find lemons, avocados, or kangaroo steaks here. Instead, you have a full, rich offer of products and preserves produced nearby and in line with the agricultural calendar.

We check the quality of every product we introduce to Karmnik’s shelves. Above all, it must be tasty, natural, and carefully produced. We only have what we put on our tables, what we feed our families and friends with. We are not eco-terrorists – we do not require our suppliers to have organic certificates (although some do), because we know the reality of farming. Farmers often don’t have the time and funds to deal with certification, which absolutely doesn’t mean they overuse chemicals on vegetables.

At Karmnik, we operate according to the zero waste principle – we reduce waste from the moment we set out for products (minimizing carbon footprint), try not to have surpluses, and carefully manage product stocks. All this to avoid wasting food. We use plastic to the extent required by sanitary regulations.

We’re looking forward to meeting you soon!

Founders of Karmnik: Kasia, Anka, and Magda.



Opening hours:

Monday – Friday: 8:00-20:00
Saturday: 9:00-15:00


Tel.: +48 507 095 793
E-mail: karmnik@karmnik.org 

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