InviMed is a chain of Fertility Clinics, present on the market since 2001. Currently InviMed consists of 6 specialistic clinics based in: Warsaw (Mokotow and Praga), Wroclaw, Poznan, Gdynia and Katowice.

In our clinics we put a pressure on supporting fertility of couples.
We carry thorough diagnostics and in cases of diagnosing infertility, we assort the most effective treatment methods.

Diagnostics consist of wide range of tests and treatments that are being carried for both partners. In every clinic we offer:

  • Great variety of laboratory tests (blood tests, hormonal tests, advanced genetic tests),
  • Treatments for women (fallopian tube obstruction Sono HSG examinations, ultrasound scans),
  • Examinations for men (the most modern sperm test, genetic sperm tests, venous biopsy, ultrasound scans),
  • Specialistic consultations (endocrinologist, andrologist, urologist, dietician, psychologist, geneticist).

During a treatment we use methods boosting natural fertility. In many cases when justified by medical indications, we use advanced medical technologies for extracorporeal fertilization In Vitro (also using reproductive cells of donors), insemination and fertility preservation (for people with diagnosed cancer). We have many years of experience in treatment of women that face miscarriages.

We aim to make the couples we treat comfortable, so doctors that prepare and qualify our patients for the right programme, are present throughout a whole treatment process.

Opening hours:

Monday, Friday: 8:00-17:00
Tuesday – Thursday: 8:00-19:00


Tel.: +48 500 900 888

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