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L'Osteria Pizza E Pasta - we invite you from September 29



We love Italy and Italian cuisine, cherish Italian feasts with delicious food and wine, and above all, value people and heartfelt relationships. Visit us to experience all of this with us.

We serve authentic Italian food, just like a traditional Italian mamma would prepare. We place great importance on the high quality of our ingredients – we handcraft our pizza dough according to our secret recipe, produce delicious pasta in our own workshop, and brew a wonderfully aromatic blend of coffee roasted specifically for us. We make sure that no one leaves hungry, so our portions are … delightfully generous, perfect for sharing!

We take special care to make our customers feel exceptionally welcome and to ensure that when you visit us, your experience feels like a short trip to Italy. The exquisite taste of our dishes, the lively, family atmosphere filled with the joy of being together, and the beautiful interior, are our trademarks. Savor the Italian dolce vita with us! Our desserts are heavenly!

Feel like trying something new? We’re here for you! Come whenever you need to do business, spend time with loved ones, or relax with friends. We’ll make sure you savor your time here. After all, #togetherisalwaystestier!

If you prefer to enjoy our dishes at home, remember that you can order takeout or delivery (delivery areas available at

Opening hours:

Monday-Thursday: 11:00-23:00
Friday-Saturday: 10:00-24:00
Sunday: 10:00-21:00


L’Osteria Waraw Koneser
pl. Konesera 10a
03-736 Warsaw

Tel.: 22 166 10 88

miniciti - Grand opening in October!

Youngsters take over the city, minacity opens in Warsaw!

Is working in television for everyone? What’s challenging about being a firefighter? Is being an engineer an interesting profession? You will find answers to these and other pressing questions at miniciti!

Welcome to an extraordinary educational town where young people can step into various professional roles and gain their first valuable experiences. Every moment spent in miniciti is about discovery, learning, and nurturing passions.

In this miniature city, an exceptional and entrepreneurial adventure awaits the youth, along with numerous career paths! Children will acquire knowledge and qualifications in various fields such as banking, economics, engineering, media, medicine, automotive, new technologies, health prevention, design, entrepreneurship, sports, art, security, and corporate social responsibility. They will learn financial management, decision-making, teamwork, and savings. Educational activities are designed for school-age children and teenagers (ages 6-15).

miniciti is an excellent choice for a school or family trip. It’s an educational space for those curious about the world!

miniciti continues the project of vocational education for children and youth initiated by the Children’s City Foundation (Fundacja Miasto Dzieci) nearly ten years ago. It’s the first non-profit project of its kind in Poland that inspires children to think about their future careers.

We wish to invite all our young and adult guests starting in October!

Opening hours:

Monday-Friday: 9:00-19:00
Saturday-Sunday: 10:00-20:00

Contact us:


We are in Praga district

Opening hours:

Koneser’s Square – round the clock
Underground car park – round the clock
Restaurants and bars – check here
Shops and services – check here
Culture and education – check here

Koneser’s Office:

Plac Konesera 8
03-736 Warszawa
+48 22 166 17 00

Media contact:

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Koneser’s Square and Koneser’s Passage space rental:

Office space rental:


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