Ciarko Design

At Ciarko Design, we make sure that each modern kitchen or kitchen island gains an elegant and distinctive setting. The design of Ciarko Design premium hoods has been entrusted to Łukasz Paszkowski, one of the most talented designers of the young generation, who has been awarded numerous prizes and distinctions on the international arena. Our advanced technologies, combined with exclusive design, have produced stunning effects. Beautiful and functional Ciarko Design hoods have been appreciated by users all over the world, from Scandinavia to Brazil. All models of our hoods are made in Poland, in Sanok in Podkarpacie region. We use an innovative machinery park and laboratory to control technical parameters, sub-assemblies and finished devices. This is where we work on maximum noiselessness of motors, energy efficiency and performance. Perfectly and without compromise.

Opening hours:

Tuesday – Friday: 9:00-17:00


Tel.: +48 783 000 800

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