Świat Książki

Świat Książki Bookstores are a chain of nearly 150 stores across Poland, offering new releases, bestsellers and classics, from ambitious titles for demanding customers through popular literature to books for children. In each bookstore you can also buy stationery and textile articles, toys, games and creative kits, and in selected stores – music albums, including vinyls, and films.

Customers of Świat Książki Bookstores can benefit from a permanent promotional action: “second book -50%”, which includes novelties and is updated every month. The chain supports large families – a Large Family Card is accepted in the bookstores, and its holders can take advantage of special discounts.

In all bookshops orders placed at swiatksiazki.pl online store can be collected free of charge.

Opening hours:

Monday – Saturday: 10:00-20:00


Tel.: +48 22 290 23 49

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