Beverly Hills Hair Salon

Beverly Hills Academy of Beauty – is a Hair Salon for WOMEN and MEN who dream about naturalness and at the same time beautiful simplicity, but also require far-reaching perfection, an extraordinary approach and a hint of fantasy. Our salon also allows you to make an interesting change, whether to implement even the craziest expectations or creative ideas.

Beverly Hills Academy of Beauty – is a network of exclusive and professional hair salons operating in Poland, the beginning of its existence dating back to 1997, and since 2020 also functioning in the Koneser Praga Center.

Our level of professional craftsmanship, experience and commitment will make each of you feel special, and the charming interior of the Salon, freshly brewed coffee or a cup of tea will put you in a positive mood.

We believe in authentic beauty. That is why in our work we use Authentic Beauty Concept cosmetics for hair care and styling, which, thanks to the vegan recipe, do not contain sulfates or silicones. However, we achieve amazing colors thanks to the wide range of colors and products of Schwarzkopf Professional.

At Beverly Hills Beauty Academy, we realize in the field of hair and beard:

– ordinary and unusual modeling and stylization,

– custom decolorizations and colors,

– precision haircuts,

– care and regeneration,

– keratin hair straightening,

– hair attachment.

Beverly Hills Academy of Beauty appreciates gaining a place in the Koneser Prague Center. Here the customer is in the center of attention, his needs and expectations are met, and the aura of this place incredibly affects your well-being. However, we actively participate in all of this, making every effort to care for your appearance.

Book your visits to Booksy Beverly Hills Connoisseur and receive a 10% discount on all services during your first visit to the Salon!

Opening hours:

Monday – Friday: 10:00-20:00
Saturday: 9:00-17:00


Tel.: +48 22 210 42 24

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