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Exhibition „Radical Painting” Galeria Salon Akademii ASP

Radical Painting –  Milanowski Ratajski

Both artists use the paint matter in their own way, using its consistency: fluidity, density, viscosity. They follow the possibilities of color events and look for a specific image of the dynamics of matter. Although these struggles have different effects, they both play with paint and its variability using natural forces of gravity. They refer to the achievements of 20th century painting such as: informel, tasism, matter painting, but also expressionism or impressionism and colorismThis peculiar chaos of becoming an image reveals the fluidity of reality, the fluidity of time and matter, permanent changeability. The laws of physics and chemistry appear not only in the law of gravity, but also through the escape of a kind of lava of paint seeking the neighborhood of specific colors obtained through different chemical compositions.  In Ratajski’s case, it is a combination of dynamism inscribed in matter, change, continuity, fluidity, constant transformation or, to put it another way, becoming, rebirth, a natural need to freeze in a form whose interpretation remains open, to be read by the viewer. The untamed matter of the world is in constant motion, the elements of giving birth to a new life. This movement carries meaning, the physicality of the cosmos is revealed, but crosses the boundary of form towards metaphysics. The artist tries to capture this metaphysical tension, revealed in streams: rivers, earth, lava, stars, light, neurons, finally feelings and spirit.  Milanowski, also releases paint on canvas, creating multicolored waste water of matter and obtaining extremely expressive effects. He doesn’t use a brush either. The painting is painted as if “alone”, under the eye of the artist. Despite the free preservation of paint, which here represents the matter of the world, the artists retain some control to achieve the desired effects, to capture what is important to them and, at some point, to stop the process of becoming a painting spectacle – radical.

At Milanowski’s, the spectacle of painting takes place against a white background of the canvas, suggesting the appearance in abstraction to the existing realityIn Ratajski’s case, the rectangle of the canvas seems to be torn out of an endless band of matter, only a fragment of which can be captured and kept in the gallery. In Milanowski’s case, the matter of painting is more related to the nature, in which he fits in, digs through and, in a way, explores the interior of the Earth. The paintings of both artists speak their own non-verbal language.  It tells no story, it is a representation in itself, a reflection, but rather a participation in reality in its processes and dynamics.  It is the viewer who discovers the meaning in these paintings, referring to his own memory of experiences, feelings, images and desires.

Extract from the text by Jan Stanisław Wojciechowski:

“There is a recognizable reaction to the surrounding social reality in the practices of both artists. Among various artistic searches, material/sensory escapism appears in the face of the crisis of the modern world. Or, if you prefer, an attempt to return to Paradise, to Adam and Eve, when the apple has already been broken, sin has been committed and they have both already come closer together, and when Cain has not yet been born. Or maybe it is a more calculating reaction – here I would find the signs, worthy of conscious creators, of a polemical, deeply reflective reaction – an attempt to restore respect for nature (Nature), as what “grows without us”, with the whole “naturalistic” mental context?

It connects artists with realistic naturalism and specific scientism, when they refer to physics and chemistry in their auto-commentary”. ” The optics of social discourse are changing more and more clearly, so it is no wonder that artists’ actions take on radical forms. A certain characteristic movement towards the physicality of the image, having a radically realistic (though without any trace of figuration), riverine character, clearly resonates with the more general climate of culture in the time we live in”.

Malarstwo Radykalne – Tomasz Milanowski, Sławomir Ratajski

Galeria Salon Akademii, Centrum Praskie Koneser

Plac Konesera 8

Open exhibition: 15 September – 23 October 2020,

Tuesday-Friday 15:00-18:00

First and last Saturday of the month 13:00-16:00

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