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Wilkoń’s world in Koneser

From April 11 to June 11, we invite you to Koneser to explore the fabulous world of animals and other creatures by famous sculptor Józef Wilkoń.

Among ten sculptures will be those depicting aurochs, bison, bears, elephants, lionesses with lionesses or hippos. Particularly noteworthy are the “Spirits of the Forest”, or werewolves. The exhibition symbolically brings nature into the urban fabric.

Koneser Square
Free entrance

Event partner:

Wilkoń Koneser

Photo 1: Blanka Wyszyńska Walczak, Wilkoń and the elephant, 2013
Photo 2: Jacek Kodaj (Józef Wilkoń, Piaseczno, 2020)
Photo 3: Lioness lying down with her baby 2005 photo.Archive of J.Wilkoń ARKA Foundation

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