The thing about being experienced – Bielak / Majdak

“The Thing about Being Experienced” at the Salon Gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts:

Agnieszka Bielak, Michał Majdak

The exhibition “The Thing about Being Experienced” is about nature and its components. From the presented curatorial perspective, the artists Agnieszka Bielak and Michał Majdak focus on the basic element that distinguishes the world of nature: the reaction to stimuli. The artists examine the sense of things, but to a lesser extent the things we experience ourselves, and to a greater extent the things that reach objects, that is, as if from their point of view. We do not know what it is. We cannot call it strictly feeling, empirical objects. Art, however, does not have to use words. If we were to try, but describe states, then Michał’s works can feel the presence of a different being and react (in defense, curiosity, sexual train?) by emitting light radiation, while Agnieszka’s jewellery evokes various states associated with exceeding their intimacy, the border of touch: trembling, emitting heat, cold or moisture.

The opening of the exhibition on December 7, 2019, at 6 p.m.

The exhibition is open from 10 to 21 December 2019 (Tuesday – Fri 12-18, pp. 12-16).

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Tue – Fri 12- 18
Sat 12 – 16

Galeria Salon Akademii, Koneser's Passage