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This is it! is a place combining fashion, art and design.

In the casual, business and art zone you will find brands such as:

MB Marta Banaszek, Polanka, Loffe, Góralove, Kamila Zielińska, Konstantin Miro, Kamy made in Krakow, Ewa Wajnert (bags), Valentovich (shoes), Caroline Abram (glasses and accessories) Paulina Gasiun Sacred Symbols (jewelry), Spark Bijoux ( jewelry), La Dame (hats), La Sombrerería (hats), Tie Art and Spark Lamp (lamps).

  1. Teresa Rosati
  2. Sadowska Fashion
  3. Lea
  4. Clothing Field
  5. Justyna Ołtarzewska
  6. Viqana
  7. My Image Art
  8. You by Tokarska
  9. Konstantin Miro
  10. Tala Designer
  11. By MartaM
  12. Kamy made in Krakow
  13. Loffe by Słupska
  14. Misty Hill
  15. Casuall
  16. La Dame
  17. Valentovitch
  18. Marshall shoes
  19. Żaneta Górska-Biernat
  20. Ewa Wajnert
  21. Avaasi NY Jewelry
  22. Gawor
  23. House of April
  24. Panama Hats – Panama hats
  25. Tie Art by Anna Polońska
  26. Spark Bijoux
  27. Spark Lamp
  28. Oriente Glamure
  29. Viza
  30. Caroline Abram

Designers who contribute to our space are characterized by precise cut and workmanship, excellent quality and originality of designs.

One of our advantages is the opportunity to take advantage of the advice of a professional stylist on site, which will help you choose the style of clothes and their colors, arrange shopping or talk about the latest trends.

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Opening hours:

Monday-Saturday 11.00-19.00
Commercial Sunday 11.00-19.00


tel .: 692 492 519


We are in Prague

Opening hours:

Koneser Square – 24/7
Underground parking – 24/7
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Koneser’s Office:

Plac Konesera 2
03-736 Warszawa
+48 22 166 17 00