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HOP-CHOP BarberShop is a mix of old school men’s hairdressing with a reference to experienced, talented employees in an old school barbershop environment with high passion and energy. HOP-CHOP barbers show their individuality in haircut and hair styling.
At HOP-CHOP BarberShop, our approach is simple – we provide our guests with a simple list of high-quality services. In each of our premises, you can quickly and accurately cut your hair, shape your chin and have a razor shave along with a hot towel wraps. There is nothing superfluous in our showrooms – we simply offer excellent performance of the service, which will not take more time than specified in the reservation, so you can accurately plan your day. Available online registration or the mobile application HOP-CHOP Reservations available on GooglePlay and AppStore) will deprive you of surprises and expectations – you always know what time you will leave. Fathers can take their sons to show how and where real men care for a haircut, for this we have a special service – a haircut for father and son at a promotional price. Visit HOP-CHOP BarberShop in the Praga Koneser Center, welcome!

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Opening hours:

Monday – Friday: 9:00-20:00
Saturday: 9:00-17:00


Tel.: +48 577 515 330

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