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Home> is a family manufacture of scented candles made of natural soy wax. Since 2017, they have been scenting Poland successively, offering insane fragrances in candles to which one returns. candles are appreciated primarily because of their insane, natural and intense fragrances, and they owe it to the highest quality ingredients used in their production and attention to every detail during their manufacture. They do not contain parabens, flatans, paraffins or dyes. They are not mounds, and the natural soy wax they contain is non-toxic. Each ingredient used in their production is fully vegan.

Sandal tree? Plum with rhubarb? Boss’s office? These are some of the 150 fragrance compositions they have. Don’t choose, take them all ????

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Monday – Saturday: 11:00 – 19:00


Tel.: +48 514 234 735