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Karol Wedel served the first cup of drinking chocolate to the patisseries at Miodowa Street in 1851. The aroma of chocolate is part of the history of Warsaw, we invite you to discover it in the E. Wedel Chocolate Pump Room in the Koneser Praga Center. Every day for our guests, we cook chocolate in a traditional way, which is the basis for unique desserts. In the company shop, we offer Wedel’s top products known and loved for years: excellent pralines, marshmallow, hand-decorated Wedel cakes, which are an ideal souvenir of visiting this amazing part of Warsaw. Visit us in a place where the story smells sweet with chocolate.

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Restaurant Chocolate Bar E.Wedel
Opening hours:

Thursday – Sunday 11.00-18.00


tel .: 538 055 391

Chocolate Bar E.Wedel

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