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The oldest buildings of the Warsaw Vodka Factory “Koneser” were built in the years 1895-1897. There were two separate plants on the factory premises at that time: The Warsaw Rectification and the Warsaw Treasury Wine Storehouse – the first purified spirit, the second produced liquor from it. In 1923, in the vicinity of Koneser, the State Mint was located, in which coins, medals, badges and stamps were minted. The grounded revitalization of the whole complex restored one of the most valuable historical areas of the capital to its inhabitants.

  • fabryki dawnej pragi
  • poczatek budowy głowny rektyfikacja skrzydło hali odbieralników
  • 1927-1928 Automatyczna rozlewaczka Dzięsięc lat odrodzonej księga pamiątkowa
  • fabryki dawnej pragi
  • fabryki dawnej pragi
  • 1940 koneser
  • fabryki dawnej pragi
  • 1927-1928 Górna część filtrów do sączenia wódki Dzięsięc lat odrodzonej księga pamiątkowa
  • 1927-1928 Dolna część filtrów do sączenia wódki Dzięsięc lat odrodzonej księga pamiątkowa
  • fabryki dawnej pragi

The historic buildings of Koneser

Historic Main Gate

Historic Main Gate

Zabytkowa brama główna

Historic Directorate and Guardhouse building

Now used as offices renting space.

Historic Mechanical Workshop

Historic Mechanical Workshop

The building houses Restaurants.

Historical New Spirit Warehouse

Historic New Spirits Magazine

Currently home to Poland’s only location of the Google for Startups Campus Warsaw.

Historic Rectification Building and Boiler Room

Historic Rectification Building and Boiler Room

The spirit of its history has been preserved in the building space, and it currently houses the Polish Vodka Museum, restaurants, bars and cafes.

Historic Old Spirits Magazine

Historic Old Spirits Magazine

The building is filled with bars, restaurants and Warsaw’s the most iconic club – Syreni Śpiew.

Zabytkowy sład butelek

Antique Bottle Storage

Restaurants and services are located here, with the Museum of Illusions coming soon.

Zabytkowy magazyn skarbowy

Historic Treasury Warehouse

Guests and visitors are welcome at the Moxy boutique hotel, which also contains dedicated event and conference spaces.

Bottling House

Bottling House

The building’s characteristic modern architecture makes it a perfect meeting place.

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Opening hours:

Koneser Square – 24/7
Underground parking – 24/7
Restaurants and bars – see here
Shops and services – see here
Entertainment and culture – see here

Koneser’s Office:

Plac Konesera 2
03-736 Warszawa
+48 22 166 17 00