Workshop: DIY instrument, children’s workshops

“Make yourself an instrument” workshops for children with Siała Baba Maka and Young Koneser Zone.

16 February (Saturday) at 12:00 and 16:00 Young Koneser Zone and Siała Baba Mak invite children (aged 6-13 years) to workshops on instrument making from a variety of materials that we will use for playing music together (instrument icons)

FREE ADMISSION / Sign in below (places are limited)

During the workshops we will perform instruments from various materials, and then we will use them to make music together. At the end we will become an orchestra composed of unique, self-created instruments. During these workshops we experience a lot of joy and satisfaction in creating something out of nothing, and above all we have a lot of fun experimenting with sounds. After the workshop, each participant will be able to take their instrument with them.
with each other to the house.

DEAR PARTICIPANTS! Please, collect and bring to the workshop
“Make yourself an instrument” with @Jaworowi Ludzie:

pipes / tubes – interiors from paper towels and various other pipes, wine corks, unused pencils, pencils, pencils, pens, disposable Chinese sticks, overdue loose food products (groats, flour, beans, peas), boxes, yoghurt packaging, especially in bucket form (clarified butter, cottage cheese, cucumbers), newspapers and magazines, old nails, straws, paper plates (especially concave ones), old cartons, posters.

Age group 6-13 years old.

The workshop duration: 2 h.

Saturday, 12:00: https://evenea.pl/imprezy/szkolenia/warszawa/zrob-sobie-instrument-warsztaty-dla-dzieci-z-siala-baba-mak-216075/?source=directory&fbclid=IwAR0uCtsbAtyYXltGzeFq9qWmp-jnnXbV6rD0O45QZ_MeyZA78GM85qLyRaI

Saturday, 16:00 https://evenea.pl/imprezy/szkolenia/warszawa/zrob-sobie-instrument-warsztaty-dla-dzieci-z-siala-baba-mak-216076/?source=directory&fbclid=IwAR2VPsju6_NpIRIQCbUHqK4aiArz80kfzsc6B9P4Us65ywHWR-sUf1ws920



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