WuWu Nawijak | The Comedy Club & Rakija Collective – concert

The anecdote and vodka have always held on to each other, they do themselves well, and even without each other they cannot live. Referring to the feasting origin of the anecdote, we invite you to Nawijak – the evening of the story with the gastronomic theme in the background. It will attract you with its simplicity – anyone can tell a story. Those who do it will get fifty cold Wyborowa or warm Starogardzka. The audience decides which beverage reflects the character of a given story. We invariably invite those interested in active as well as passive participation. Come, tell, listen and think of things like this: “And that’s you” or “Unbelievable”!

Nawijak is led by Michał Sufin.

But this is not the end of attractions! After the Nawijak we invite you to a very energetic concert of Rakija Collective!

The band performs songs that are a combination of Balkan, klezmer and Polish music. Next to the gypsum swing, they put Balkan coats like from Serbian Guča, ending with lively, klezmer polkas. They will always play in a unique way and for more than 10 years. The atmosphere and emotions that accompany their performances work like ragweed! Artists have recorded hundreds of concerts and festivals (even more anecdotes) both on the Polish and international stage! They are the winners of the main prizes at all the most important folk festivals in Poland, e.g. “The Polish Folklore Festival”, “The Polish Folklore Festival”:
– International Festival of Folk Music “Mikołajki Folkowe 2014”.
– VI Dragon Folk Fest 2015
– XVIII Polish Radio Folk Music Competition “Nowa Tradycja” (2015)

In a noble squad:

Oliwier Andruszczenko – clarinet, bass clarinet, saxophone
Marcin Maroszek – accordion, vocal
Maciej Regulski – guitar

Free entrance!

Where: WuWu (Koneser Prague Centre)

Media patron : Example.pl

Reservations at a large table can be made by calling 223553002 or at kontakt@wuwu.bar



Koneser Square 1, WuWu Restaurant