Wonderful travels. The exhibition of photographs and ethnic jewellery

The exhibition “World Jewellery” is a personal record of Maria Magdalena Kwiatkiewicz’s journey. During this exhibition, the author will not only share with us her perception of the world through photography, but will also introduce us to the exotic nature of distant cultures, also thanks to the presented ethnic jewellery. The objects that we will be able to admire are only a fragment of a larger collection that has been created over the years. Thanks to the author’s passion for traveling, photography and jewellery, we will have the opportunity to get to know the culture of exotic tribes. Get to know their customs and beliefs, which often play a key role in the process of creating decorations.
The exhibition will feature jewellery and photographs from Mali, Ecuador, Papua, Thailand, Nepal, India, Ethiopia, Cameroon, Tibet and China.
The media patron of the event is National Geographic Magazine Poland.
The opening of the exhibition – 2.08.2019 at 19:00
More information: https://www.facebook.com/events/461381947775700/


12:00 – 20:00

Muzeum Biżuterii Współczesnej, Pasaż Konesera