Grand Antiquary with vinyls and books!

Dostoyevsky for 1 pln? Why not! Hendrix on vinyl? Please!

On Saturday, March 16th, we invite you to the Koneser Prague Centre for the Great Antiquarian with winyls and books. For a few hours the shopping arcade will be turned into a magical place full of old books and vinyl records.

What is the Great Antiquarian? This event is organized by Wojtek Kapelko, the owner of the Gramophone Records store, with the support of Bartek Mindewicz, the initiator of the initiative. As part of the Great Antiquary one day, several antiques, vinyl shops and private exhibitors of books and CDs are exhibited in one place.

What is the effect of this? You can buy books from as little as a zloty and complete your collection of vinyl without cutting through the city along and across the city looking for opportunities.
Regardless of your age and interest – during the Great Antiquary everyone will find something for themselves!

Centrum Praskie Koneser
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