Street Art Festival – Wędrujące lalki Pana Pezo “Moonsters” spectacle

This year Koneser is a part of the International Street Art Festival.
On 6 July at 21.00 at 21.00 at Koneser’s Square will perform Russian theater Wędrujące lalki pana Puzo – Moonsters performance. It is a poetic journey to the land of dreams, full of references to childhood, when thanks to fantasy and unfettered imagination everything became possible. Five peculiar Moonsters – actors in masks and phenomenal costumes.
The performance is intended for both the youngest and the oldest audience. It does not contain any text and does not require translation.
Visit us at Konesera Square in the area of the 19th vodka factory, bringing back to life the historic buildings and creating a new point on the entertainment, gastronomic, museum, cultural and shopping map.
Koneser on the Praga district. This is where it happens!
Free entrance!


21:00 – 22:00

Koneser’s Square