Street Art Festival – Mimo Pantomime Theatre “Home from My Dreams”

This year Koneser is a part of the International Street Art Festival.
On the 29th of June, at 9 p.m., the Pantomime Theatre Mimo “Dom z moich snów” (Home from My Dreams) will perform on Koneser Square. An unobvious story about seemingly everyday matters. It is a gallery of various, often funny characters in a simple and funny story. We observe a couple – two people once full of beautiful mutual feelings, now more and more indifferent to each other. However, something will happen that will change this state and open a new stage in their relationship. It will be a journey through memories, a slow discovery of oneself and an understanding of everything that initially seemed bizarre.
Koneser is on the premises of the 19th vodka factory, bringing back to life historic buildings and creating a new entertainment point in Warsaw.
Koneser in the Praga district. This is where it happens!


21:00 – 22:00

Koneser’s Square