Meeting with the book “Ziarnka Piasku” and author Joanna Jagiełło

A meeting with Joanna Jagiełło, writer, poet, singer around the book “Ziarnka Piasku”, which received the IBBY Polish Section award “Book of the Year 2018”.
The meeting will be hosted by Juliusz Erazm Bolek.
We cordially invite you!

Event within the framework of the social action Power of Art in Koneser – during the interdisciplinary exhibition GREEN in the Koneser Prague Centre.

“Nina and Anna – peers, best friends, inseparable, loving each other. On her 17th birthday Nina took her life…. The first part of this moving book is like a train. Crushed by a loss that she cannot comprehend, Anna recollects the past years. In her relationship, Nina has always been the more capable, the more beautiful, self-confident, the strong. She was able to fight for her reasons and win. For Anna it was a point of reference, and only with time does it come to mind that Nina somehow limited her, but perhaps the loss of freedom is the price for being close to another person. Anna desperately searches for such closeness. She feels lonely, she has lost her beloved ones: her father, Nina, dog, she failed with her boyfriend, with her mother also “only co-existence”. It is not difficult to let oneself be deceived by the appearances of feelings and fall into the paws of a criminal in such a state of spirit. How to deal with humiliation, blackmail and fear? And this ordinary Ance managed to escape the rapists, save herself and maybe many other girls. Shout your anger: “I, Anna, who never knew what to do, suddenly act as if I had been at least James Bond all my life. There is anger in me that I didn’t know before. Beware. Joanna Jagiełło’s novel is a perfectly written, strong prose, building on the basis of dramatic events a multidimensional psychological portrait of a girl asking: how should I live? Young people will find here an unforgettable picture of reality, courageous undertaking of difficult problems, the authenticity of experiences of heroes who are believed to be. And a strong voice against the “culture of shame and guilt”. (Irena Bolek)

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We warmly invite you!


19:00 – 21:00

Koneser's Passage