Meeting with and Beata Gołaszewska the Ambassador book

On Wednesday, February 20th at 7 p.m. we invite you to a meeting with the book “Ambassador”. – inspires and supports. Agnieszka Domeracka, an advisor and mentor supporting women in building a conscious life full of self-esteem, will talk to Beata Gołaszewska, the protagonist of the book.

We will meet as part of the Power of Art project in Koneser – a series of artistic and cultural events that will take place in the Koneser Prague Centre, organized by a group of artists from various fields of art and literature under the banner of the social action Power of Art, as well as interdisciplinary exhibitions entitled RED, the opening of which took place on 6 February and the exhibition BLUE with the opening on 18 February at 7:00 pm.

We invite you to a fascinating literary discussion on the book “Ambassador”. The event will be honoured by the presence of a special guest, Mrs. Beata Gołaszewska, whose true life story became a rich inspiration to create this story. During the meeting, the protagonist of the book will be happy to share her thoughts – sincere smiles and deep emotions will not be missing. The event is dedicated not only to fans of “Ambassador”, but also to all those who are keenly interested in the problem of domestic violence.

“Ambassador” tells the story of Ewa Winiarska, who, overwhelmed by her mother’s age-old protectorate and discouraged by her father’s passivity, is looking for the desired love as a source of life fulfilment. Wishing to meet her mother’s high expectations, she marries the candidate of her choice. Victor Krasts is the future ambassador, rich, gallant and very handsome. However, no one assumes that a well tailored suit hides the devilish face of a ruthless, cynical tyrant, thrown out of his feelings. By saying an official “yes” in front of a friendly face of a government official, Ewa unconsciously pronounces a terrible verdict on herself. Overnight, her new husband becomes more and more aggressive and tenacious, and attempts to alleviate conflicts do not bring the slightest results. Ewa’s silent consent to go to Italy, where Wiktor Krasts receives a prestigious and well-paid Ambassador’s position, becomes the beginning of a real nightmare for the woman. Deprived of money and contacts with her loved ones, locked in the big house of Ewa, from an elegant, intellectually flashing lady, she becomes a grey, unhappy, extinguishing victim of her own weaknesses in her eyes. Squeezing her teeth and pouring out a sea of salty tears, she silently endures constant humiliation, insults and wrongs. The life of her husband’s executioner becomes a toxic prison, mental torture and brutal murder of women’s dignity…. Until a glimmer of hope appears and with it an unbelievable force to fight for a better tomorrow!

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