Exhibition: Power of Art – ,,Red”

Power of Art at Koneser – the exhibition “Czerwony” 06 – 16.02.2019

A series of artistic events is a part of the Power of Art social action organized at the Koneser Prague Centre: interdisciplinary exhibitions, meetings with a book, and performance.

The theme of the exhibitions is not accidental – colour plays the main role in them as one of the most important factors of artistic communication.

Red colour, one of the three primary colours, the hottest of the colours, which has the strongest impact on the viewer and has a rich symbolism and many meanings.

15 February – Friday 19:00 – Valentine’s Day meeting with the book “Abracadabra”.

Joanna Jagiełło will talk to the author Juliusz Erazm Bolek. “Abracadabra” is a book awarded with the award of the World Poetry Day established by UNESCO. The event is held under the patronage of the Union of Writers.

During the “Red” exhibition we will see works of Artists that coordinate the project:

Wit Bogusławski – sculpture |
Juliusz Erazm Bolek – poetic graphics and meetings with a book |
Julita Delbar – photography | Edyta Dzierż – painting |
Sławomir Golonko – light sculptures | Magdalena Hajnosz – painting |
Kuba Janyst – painting | Anna Kossakowska – painting |
Krzysztof Rodak – painting / illustration | Joanna Świerczyńska – painting |
Magdalena Mag Woźniak – painting | Paweł Zakrzewski – painting

Guests Artists:

Jolanta Betnerowicz – painting | Agnieszka Kazała – batik |
Marcin Kokoszko – illustration and painting | Marta Konieczny – painting |
Romuald Krzyżanowski –painting | Bożena Kuzio-Bilska – painting |
Krystyna Małecka – painting o | Jola Michalak – painting |
Joanna Nasiłowska – ambergris on a linocut | Marcina Painta – painting |
Agnieszka Pakuła – painting | Magdalena Piwko-Chudzik – ambergris |
Olga Prokop Miśnikiewicz – painting | Monika Wójtowicz – painting.

Media Sponsors and Project Partners:

Information Agency | Art Imperium – Cultural website | Koneser Prague Centre | Wawa4Free | Union of Artists and Designers | Academy of Art and Culture | Club for European Integration | Przedsiębiorcy@eu

More information: https://www.facebook.com/PowerofArt/



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