Wojtek Kowalczyk performance and artists’ dispute

On February 23, at 6 p.m. we invite you to the performance of Wojtek Kowalczyk – What this time will be presented by this incredibly liberated and usually controversial artist – you just have to see!
Edyta Dzierż, Magus Woźniak Art and Kowalczyk Wojciech will discuss performance art – how to bite it….? If and where is the limit of madness…? Is it possible to understand it….?

Everything within the Power of Art project in Koneser – a series of artistic and cultural events that will take place in the Koneser Prague Centre, organized by a group of artists from various fields of art and literature under the banner of the social action Power of Art, and interdisciplinary exhibitions entitled RED, which opened the project and exhibitions Blue with an opening on 18 February at 19:00.

Wojciech Kowalczyk from Bydgoszcz.

Doctor of fine arts in the field of fine arts. In his work, he is interested in the issues of performance art, in the aspect of its evaluation to such genres of art which, having the feature of performance – the artist’s performance, acquire methodological autonomy through the constitution of specific features of the extallized performance, in its name, in its definition, in its methodology of performance, and in the theoretical empowerment of this evaluation. It refers to the constitutive features of evaluation, the value of which is to introduce into the visual arts subsequent genres of art, gaining the methodological status of an individual. The author of art genres which are externalised performances, such as ARX art, ALO art, GHNO art, PROMT art, IMIT art, NUN art, PLEN art, Ne art. In his work, he speaks first of all, through performance and its externalised figures, as well as artistic installation, object and video art. Member of the Union of Polish Artists and Designers, Young Art Association, Association of Other Art Artists. Initiator and curator of “Bydgoszcz Granary of Performance Art”. For his artistic activity, he received an honorary distinction “Distinguished for Polish Culture”.

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