Feed the Master with Special Guest: Lemon Queens!

Feed the Master with Special Guest: Lemon Queens at 18:00!
Wine tasting from the Sanna Manor.
After Party WuWu Dżem at 21:00.

Dear Guests – our friends, regulars, residents, but also dear strangers – hidden somewhere in tenement houses under blankets or in office buildings behind glass monitors, between printer and stapler 🙂
We are thrilled that the Breakfast Room met with a great approval, evoking very positive reactions, so we decided to chagnge the formula a bit, to go out.

This year with the second edition of “Feeding the Master”, to which we can finally officially invite you all 🙂

Special Guest: Lemon Qeens!

Homestead cheese tasting in WuWu,
Lemon Queen’s jam
Wines from the Manor of Sanna

AFTER PARTY 21:00 WuWu Dżem

More details: https://wuwu.bar/wydarzenia/nakarmic-mistrza-gosc-specjalny-cytrynowe-krolowe/



18:00 – 02:00

Koneser's Square 1
WuWu restaurant