Workshop: Recycled carnival masks and dragons (for children)

RECYCLED CARNIVAL MASKS AND DRAGONS, workshops for children with Siała Baba Maka and Young Koneser Zone.
23.02.2019 (Saturday) at 12:00 and 24.02.2019 (Sunday).

Let’s create of fantastic animal figures that can serve as a decoration at the ball, toy, kite.

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We invite you to creative workshops for children inspired by New Year’s traditions and carnivals of different cultures. During the classes we will make figures of fantastic animals, which can serve as a decoration at the ball, toy, kite. They will include, among others, a moving dragon, modelled on the figures appearing during the Chinese New Year celebrations, flying fish and other fantastic creatures according to the participants’ ideas. We will also make paper masks of animals, modelled on the famous
from the tradition of the Venetian Carnival. All can be modified by the participants according to their own ideas of joyful fun, a new beginning, a holiday. To do these things we will use various types of waste: toilet paper rolls, egg packs, old newspapers. We invite you to have fun together.


Dear workshop participants! Please, collect and bring to the workshop “Carnival masks and dragons from recovery”: rolls of toilet paper and larger rolls of paper towels, egg packs.

Goup age: 6-12.

Workshop duration: 2 h.

Saturday, 12:00: https://evenea.pl/imprezy/szkolenia/warszawa/karnawalowe-maski-i-smoki-z-odzysku-warsztaty-dla-dzieci-z-siala-baba-mak-216080/?source=directory&fbclid=IwAR3hpNEnjvaNQKNOWW6NhEpQIUf158YEYydUJjJH8aWf7lMEPKYsHaYS7Hw

Sunday, 12:00 https://evenea.pl/imprezy/szkolenia/warszawa/karnawalowe-maski-i-smoki-z-odzysku-warsztaty-dla-dzieci-z-siala-baba-mak-216082/?source=directory&fbclid=IwAR3WJ-vp4lJh-_rLu_AT4V6zpce9n68gQ5lO63YszigKuBK_yieFAwR7SjI



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