Sound Rebellion Party at WuWu!

Sound Rebellion is a combination of disco, funk and soul refreshed with modern electronics, house and R&B 00’s! Mateusz Załęski, half of the SR line-up, when asked about his passion, answers: – I play because I love to commune with music and share it with others. Using my experience I am also very satisfied with feedback from people at a given moment – regardless of whether they are smiles in the restaurant and irrigation legs to the rhythm, or singing crowd of people like at a concert at sunrise on the Vistula River.
So come to us and share your energy with us – let the power be with us! 🙂

Start: 22:00
Free entrance
Booking a table: 223553002 or kontakt@wuwu.bar


22:00 – 02:00

Koneser Square 1, WuWu Restaurant