Exhibition 09/19 on the 10 Anniversary of the Media Art at the ASP

We would like to invite you to the exhibition 09/19 on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Media Art of the Salon Gallery of the ASP Academy.
Mirosław Bałka, Wojciech Bąkowski, Prot Jarnuszkiewicz, Piotr Kopik, Anna Panek, Tomáš Rafa, Sławomir Ratajski, Paweł Susid, Włodzimierz Szymański, Jakub Wróblewski.
Exhibition 09/19 on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Faculty of Media Art at the Salon Gallery of the Academy presents ten educators who are currently working at the Faculty. These are renowned artists from different generations who, in addition to their own work, conduct didactics. For many years, students and graduates of this Faculty have enjoyed spectacular successes in the sphere of art in Poland and abroad. This proves the exceptional competence and commitment of the teaching staff in the educational process. This success is due to the work of all the lecturers at the Faculty. In the Gallery we present the works of only ten artists, which results from the symbolism of the 10th anniversary.
Prof. Paweł Nowak

The opening of the exhibition on June 15, at 6:00 p.m.
Exhibition open until July 13th (Tuesday – pt. 12 – 18, pp. 12 – 16)
Koneser’s Passage, Koneser’s Square 8.
Find out more at: https://asp.waw.pl/2019/06/05/09-19-10-lecie-wydzialu-sztuki-mediow-wystawa-w-salonie-akademii/


Tuesday – Friday 12:00 – 18:00, Saturday 12:00 -16:00)

Gallery Salon of the Academy, Koneser’s Passage, Koneser’s Square 8.