Theater: The Comedy Club – B class

The Comedy Club: B class – improvised football games
On 15 February at 6 p.m. on the Konewser’s stage we host the Comedy Club together with the performance of the B class – improvised football games.

Every football game is a feast for football fans and great football emotions!
On the stands: club colours dripping down the sweaty faces of fans and the winning roar of the vuvuzela, and on the pitch: superheroes!

Meanwhile, in the shadow of every significant match in the table – modest, ambitious players of the B-class, one of the lowest levels of the league football tournament.
One team consists of a male hairdresser from the “Mr. Pinceta” estate plant, an accountant from the tax office in Targówek, an animator from the municipal community centre in Legionowo, a director of the allotment plant in Warsaw’s Wola, a security guard from Auchan in Ursynów and a vuefist from LXXVI LO. They are united by their resistance to the indestructibility of dreams, flexibility of sports ambitions, as well as a common cloakroom. They are united by a ball.

Entrance is free, without registration. The number of seats is limited by the capacity of the room.



Koneser's Pasage(21 place)