Theater: The Comedy Club with the improvisation for children

Young Koneser Zone, the Comedy Club and Children’s Improvisation invite you on 16 February at 3:30 p.m. for an improvised comedy spectacle for young viewers! (4-10 years).

The children will watch live stories, which they will be able to broadcast on the run and suggest your own ideas for the stages.

What is an improvised performance?

First we warm up – together with the audience we perform the following before the performance from the stage, exercises that evoke imagination, allow you to get to know each other and feel good before the performance.

Then, together, we set off to a fairy tale world. The audience gives us inspiration.
We play without a screenplay and on an ongoing basis, together with the children we come up with funny, touching and adventurous stories.

The improvised spectacle is a perfect tool to broaden the boundaries of imagination – of the child and parents. And it’s comedy!

Admission is free, without registration. The number of seats is limited by the capacity of the room.



Koneser's Pasage (21 place)