Belle Arte Gallery: Vernissage and concert by Wojtek Więckowski

From memory.” Painting exhibition and concert by Wojtek Więckowski
Wojtek Więckowski – painter and guitarist.
In his work, he seeks relations between means of expression used both in the creation of music and in the work on a painting work. He records improvised guitar meditations for his paintings. At the exhibition he will present the latest works as well as those from previous years. A specific commentary to the presented canvases will be a short concert
the artist opening the event. Organic forms in an abstract presentation seem to be the result of
the search for how far our memory of where we came from and what we came from reaches. About what comes from the air, water, earth. As he says himself: “The forms in the pictures are what they want and they are not what they should not be. I want the viewer to see himself through them and, accompanied by music, try to experience emotions or a state that he cannot name or explain.

For more information about the artist and his history, please visit www.wojtekwieckowski.com



BELLE ARTE Gallery, Koneser's Passage