Wednesdays with Tango Milonga dance at Koneser’s Square

We invite everyone who wants to try tango!
With us everyone will be able to learn the basics very quickly under the guidance of instructors from the Argentinean Tang Academy!

Each evening we will start with learning the basics – at 19:00 – and then immerse ourselves in the music and atmosphere of the evening with other dancers. Tango is based on improvisation, fun, is not demanding and allows you to enjoy the moment.

Tango is a ballroom dance in the full sense of the word, so we invite all neighbors, friends and visitors to have fun together!

A glass of wine, conversations in nearby cafes and restaurants, enjoying the music – this is already TANGO.

We see each other every Wednesday at the same time on Konesera Square!

Free entrance for everyone!

11.09, 18.09, 25.09


Koneser's Square